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    Laboratory & Ambulance Services

    Laboratory & Ambulance Services

    Quality is controlled through a total Quality Management System

    The below services are not yet available outside Lebanon.


    Imagine how relaxing it is for not having to leave your home to do the tests prescribed by your doctor. You can now depend on us to provide you with on-site laboratory specimen collection services.

    Our nurses will visit you at home to collect blood, urine and stool specimens that are delivered to a major laboratory center in Beirut. Results are then faxed to you and your physician.

    The above service is fully covered by insurance companies.


    We provide a modern ambulance service to transport non-urgent cases, with high-quality care, from home to hospital or hospital to home. Our main concern is to ensure that you are transferred on time with dignity and respect. We strive to guarantee your unique needs are met by dealing with you individually.

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