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    Therapeutic & Counseling Services

    Therapeutic & Counseling Services

    Quality is controlled through a total Quality Management System


    The below services are not yet available outside Lebanon.

    Our primary goal is to provide you with the necessary tools and skills to improve your quality of life. A plan of clinical intervention is individually designed to meet your needs

    Therapeutic Services


    Physical Therapy*:

    • Restoring function, Improving mobility, reducing pain, limiting permanent physical disability of patients
    • Use of electrical stimulation & ultrasound to reduce swelling and relieve pain
    • For patients suffering from low-back pain, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, head injuries…etc.


    Speech Therapy*:

    • For treatments of speech defects & disorders especially through use of exercises and audio-visual aids that develop new speech habits


    Oxygen Therapy*: (Using state of the art American Made Equipment)

    • O2 concentrators, Nebulizers , Feeding pumps, Suction pumps, Infusion pumps, Oxymeters
    • O2 cylinders
    • Respirators


    Counseling Service:
    (for the patient and family)


    Counseling is a talking therapy which allows individuals to deal with specific life issues, such as trauma, suffering, bereavement, loss, self-harm, suicidal feelings, self-esteem, confidence, eating disorders, stress, depression, relationships, communication and others.

    Seeking counseling is about making a positive choice to get help by talking privately with a professionally trained psychologist.

    *The above therapeutic services can be fully covered by insurance companies

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